Services Rendered on a Dual Front

Our Services

Services Rendered on a Dual Front

Our clients are our prime concern and it is with utmost sincerity and responsibility that we provide services to them. In fact that this is the reason, we are here. Our planned strategies , organised teamwork , up to date connectivity, systematic monitoring of need versus supply of human resources, have led to a well defined set of policies which work smoothly to ensure that the employers as well as the job seekers needs are met , in the most comfortable and hassle-free manner.

Our focus is on the following

  • A dedicated and pursuant team with specific experience to source the perfect candidates
  • Expertise, competence and the ability to supply skilled and unskilled labour with their trade tests
  • Fulfilling the specific job training and assessment of trade test centers
  • Committed to sourcing the best by unfailingly adhering to the guidelines set by the employers
  • Track and keep the HR departments of the employers’ posted of the latest immigration laws and policies
  • Organised and always geared to meet up with client’s challenges
  • Maintain a huge data base so that search is quick and instant, leading to time and cost savings for the client
  • Make the prospective employee client-ready by providing job-orientation training to ensure easy transition and continuity
  • Network with embassies, consulates and relevant commercial and business bodies and affiliates for the ease of recruitments process
  • Usage of social mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In to pool in the best talent resources

Job Seeker

  • Free career advice and counselling , giving the right directions and explaining the perspectives
  • Identifying the best opportunities and guiding them pointedly
  • Specific job training so that there is a meaningful approach and total clarity
  • Recognise their abilities, strength and limitations and guide accordingly
  • We have a huge and high-end IT infrastructure to work on Resumes speedily as they are uploaded directly on our server
  • Quick feedback is given to candidates to end the agony of the waiting period
  • Post-hiring assistance is also a major contribution where we ensure that the employee is at ease and comfort
  • Guide about food, accommodation, transportation, travel arrangements
  • Help with medical, work compensation and third party insurance
  • Appraise the aspirants thoroughly about salaries, end-of-service benefits, annual leaves and airfare
  • Encourage them to apply online as well as physically so that even those who do not have access but have the talent get an equal chance of employment
  • No discrimination is made amongst the job aspirants
  • Overall secure honest clients for the job aspirants
  • Try our best to realise the dreams of the aspirants